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“Since 2014, GreenCentre has mobilized over 100 early-stage chemical and materials companies, helping them raise over $200 million in private and public investment and directly creating and retaining over 250 high quality jobs”
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Accelerating Your Time to Market

We provide a team of highly-trained technical professionals working in well-equipped state-of-the-art lab facilities to support your early-stage company’s technology development efforts.

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We came to GreenCentre with a formula for our adhesive technology that worked well in the lab but did not have a clear path (or the proper equipment) for scale up production. GreenCentre tested our material on large-scale equipment, leveraging their industry network, and developed a procedure and recommendations for a manufacturing process. As a start-up company, we faced difficult challenges for scale up and commercialization, but now, because of GreenCentre, we have a defined path to bring our technology to market.
Hermann Koch,
Director Fortalesa Technologies
Win has been impressed on several levels, and especially with how quickly the GreenCentre team understood our needs and aim for the project. We have witnessed a clear demonstration of their expertise, not only in synthetic organic chemistry, but also in business accumen and understanding of external funding opportunities. Our expectations for the relationship have clearly been exceeded, and we are continuing to look at other projects in which we can cooperate. Win Chemicals has always had a strong commitment to develop green chemistry, and we believe we have found a key partner in GreenCentre that shares this same value.
Jim Wingfield,
Owner - WIN Chemicals
GreenCentre has demonstrated great proficiency and value in its chemistry services. GreenCentre's combination of technical expertise, laboratory resources, and flexible business model is extremely rare in the industry. This makes GreenCentre an ideal development partner.
Innovation Services Client
GreenCentre Canada has provided Suncayr with some extremely valuable contribution. When they agreed to work with us it allowed us to complete a very key project in assessing the viability of getting our product working. We needed to confirm that there was no issue with a component being toxic and GreenCentre was able to supply the grant funding to prove this was the case. This lifted a huge barrier off of us and allowed us to proceed on both a product development path and a business development path. We would not have been able to move as fast or rapidly without the help.
Chad Sweeting,
CTO and Co-Founder - Suncayr