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The Mobilize Program

Hands-on Support for Eastern Ontario’s Chemicals and Materials Sector

What is the Mobilize Program?

Technology Development Assistance

Companies have to constantly innovate to remain competitive, but innovation requires significant expertise and capital.

  • Is your company advancing a product, process or service to market?
  • Do you need help because of reduced capacity for R&D and scale-up?

If you answered yes, the Mobilize Program offers the support you need with hands-on technology development services to accelerate your company’s recovery and growth following the pandemic. Projects tailored to your needs with costs subsidized by the Province of Ontario will help your business refocus on innovation.

A scientist placing a beaker on a shelf in the GreenCentre Canada lab.
A scientist working in the lab at GreenCentre Canada.

Companies Admitted To The Program Will Receive A Subsidized Project Providing Access To:

Key Offerings

Note: Any intellectual property generated during a client project will be owned by the client

Key Benefits

How Can You Qualify?

If are located in any of the areas on the map and can financially contribute to the project being subsidized by the Province of Ontario, simply apply below and we’ll get back to you.

Eastern Ontario map