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Andrew Pasternak Appointed Executive Director, GreenCentre Canada

For Immediate Release: August 3, 2021

The GreenCentre Canada Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Andrew Pasternak as Executive Director, effective August 1, 2021.

Andrew has over 25 years’ experience in technology innovation and commercialization working in a range of sectors. In his previous role leading the business development group at GreenCentre, Andrew and his team executed several highly successful national and province-wide programs to advance more than 100 sustainable chemical enterprises to market. Under Andrew’s leadership, GreenCentre has extended its network of strategic partnerships across Canada and, in parallel, grown its international reputation and commercial services client base. In his new role, Andrew is looking forward to guiding GreenCentre’s continued success.

Andrew joined GreenCentre in 2009.  He has a PhD [Chem Eng] from Northwestern University, an MBA from the Rotman School of Business, and is a certified Professional Director.

Reporting to Andrew are:

Tim Clark, Business Operations Manager. Tim joined GreenCentre in 2010 and has held a variety of positions in technology commercialization and business development. As Business Operations Manager, Tim plays a critical role in developing and executing market strategies and plans, in addition to integrating the work of the commercial and technical teams. He has a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Toronto.

Amy Holland, Technical Operations Manager. As manager of the technical team, Amy is responsible for safe and efficient operation of the laboratory facilities. Working closely with the commercial and business operations teams, Amy plays a central role in planning, coordinating, and executing client-focussed projects in alignment with GreenCentre mission and goals. Amy joined GreenCentre in 2010. She has an MSc in Chemistry from Queen’s University.

The Board of Directors also wishes to thank Lynne Manuel for her dedication and leadership as Executive Director over the past 4 years and wishes her the very best in her next endeavours. Lynne will continue to serve on the Board as an independent director.


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